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Natalia Nicholson About the instructor

I have become a true pioneer in coaching others to start their own businesses, combining my background as an entrepreneur and graduate level education in Marketing & Business. Based in London, I am an inspirational force that welcomes and embraces life and wanting others to succeed in business.
My entry into employment was first as an Account Manager and then a Marketing Manager with a UK recognised brand for 5 years. My client base included the likes of broadsheet papers, such as The Daily Mail . The Advertising & Media Agency world taught me to use my personality, confidence and fearless attitude to communicate at all levels and to deliver creative projects and sales initiatives with careful planning and intense detail, which provided me with a strong skill set and versatility.
I then decided to utilize the skills that I had gained from the corporate world, and own it for myself.
From an early age, I had always hungered for self – made success I soon realized that my new found voice and inspiration came from influences and role models that came from books that I would read and related to growing up. My first business model was to replicate an Amazon inspired ecommerce website that sold a range of A – Z in Cultural books, with the intention of inspiring people across various cultures to understand and appreciate their background.

A few years later I felt like all my dreams had diminished after losing everything including my home, and my confidence. I considered what was my core skill that could lead the path to another future? I considered my options with limited investment and this led to me starting a Cleaning business as there was minimal set up costs. I succeeded by obtaining a national contract amongst other contracts where I made a profit from having to project manage, organize and motivate others to deliver a service to a high standard on my behalf, taking into account the site requirements. This challenged me and really taught me about people, processes and standards and having the ability to understand others whatever race, religion, gender or sexuality they may be of and a common ground for everyone to understand one another and work to one common goal.
Personally and professionally, I have always been known as the motivator, organizer and the support Centre, I have lived the secret of understanding that life is as great as you want it to be as the power comes from within. I have now finally found my skill, my art and sustainability in a professional sense, and that is to help others within businesses reach their potential, and help them achieve a profitable sustainable business!