Can Domestic Cleaning Make You a Millionaire

You’ve likely heard it all before–on the television, radio ads, even pop-ups on your computer screen and mobile phone: “Join now and become a MILLIONAIRE overnight!” “Do This One Simple Thing and Rake In Millions!” And so on. There’s really no end to the advertisements that promise you that you’ll make millions of dollars doing just about anything.
Yet there is one of these claims that is not as outlandish as it originally appears: domestic cleaning businesses. If you have heard that learning how to start your own cleaning business could make you a millionaire, you probably immediately dismissed the idea. After all, how can cleaning be THAT profitable?
Let’s take a closer look at a skeptic’s POV and the real truth behind a question that has many people wondering: can domestic cleaning really make you a millionaire?

A Skeptic's POV

A skeptic might say: A cleaning business, whether it’s a cleaning franchise or stand-alone company, is generally associated with less than stellar profits. How could it be that someone could make any serious profit—let alone millions—with a cleaning company? Wouldn’t it cost thousands and thousands of dollars just to keep the company off the ground, to say nothing of what it costs to keep a business in operation?
Yet when you take a look at the truth of the matter…

The Truth About Domestic Cleaning Businesses

It is not expensive to start up your own cleaning business. Although purchasing a cleaning franchise is more expensive than starting up your own business, either option results in the creation of a lucrative cleaning company—which has the potential to bring in some serious profit as long as it’s run properly.
You can ensure that your cleaning business or franchise is run in the most efficient and profitable way through a cleaning course, aka a one-stop shop to everything you need to know about starting up your own cleaning business. A cleaning course will help you with everything from learning how to market to going through the legal and financial steps necessary to open up your business to ensuring that your costs are kept low and much more.
So, cleaning businesses already have one major benefit going for them: relatively low start-up cost. But what about operating costs? Won’t those offset any major profits? The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t take a lot of money to run a domestic cleaning business. You only really need cleaning supplies and a bit of money for marketing when you’re just starting out—and that’s assuming you haven’t purchased a cleaning franchise, which comes with built-in marketing via the popular name alone. Most standard cleaning services charge anywhere from 70 to 100 an hour, and as the owner you’ll get a significant cut of that total. The more jobs you do, the more connections you make; the more connections you make, the more new and returning customers you receive. With hard work, you could find yourself swimming in cleaning contracts in practically no time.
So: can you make millions with domestic cleaning? The answer is yes! Anything is possible when you put your mind, dedication, and hard work into making it come true.

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