Commercial Cleaning Course

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business with Little or No Cost

A commercial cleaning business is a cleaning business that focuses on commercial buildings rather than domestic cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies often work under contracts with the companies that hire them, which is what makes them a reliable and attractive option for start-ups. If you want to start up your own commercial cleaning business, take a look at the following guide to help you start your own business with little or practically no cost at all.

Step One: Determine Your Startup Costs

The best way to keep your costs low when starting this type of business is to understand what you need to start your own commercial cleaning company. This will help you determine your startup costs and stick with an according budget.

The supplies you’ll need to start with, at minimum, are:
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Equipment Trolley/Cart
  • Sweeper Machine
  • Van (for transporting equipment)
  • Standard cleaning supplies (paper towels, spray, etc.)

You can expect to spend about £600 on equipment and basic cleaning supplies, which is an extremely small investment compared to what you have to spend on starting up other types of companies. A reliable van will likely cost at least £3,000, but you may get around this cost if you already own a van or by renting a van until you have enough profits to purchase your own.

Other Startup Costs
You will also need liability insurance for your company staff and you should consider purchasing CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks for your staff since most employers will request these before agreeing to a contract. The cost of liability insurance will vary from around £40 to £150 per year. A CRB check will cost £26 per person or £40 per person for an enhanced CRB check.

Step Two: Research Commercial Cleaning in Your Area

To avoid wasting money by setting up your company in an unprofitable area, you need to research the state of commercial cleaning in your area. Are there many competing companies? How many businesses already have contracts with cleaning companies on your area? What are cleaning companies in your area charging? If the market is untapped in your area, you are already primed for success. If the market is saturated, you have two options: undercut prices and services or plant your footing elsewhere. If you aren’t able to undercut their costs, you will need to look for a less saturated market to start your commercial cleaning company.

Step Three: Market and Network

The key to any successful commercial cleaning company is great marketing and networking. All you need is a few solid commercial contracts to secure your footing as a professional cleaning company. Companies who approve of your work are more likely to recommend you to others in the industry, which will help you gain more profits in record time. Remember: Keeping costs low in the beginning will help you turn a profit faster, which will allow you to purchase more equipment, hire more staff, and so on, as your company grows in the future.